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In today’s world, an organization’s most valuable resource is its customers. However, in an increasingly competitive market, acquiring new customers while maintaining a strong relationship with existing customers can be difficult. Implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system will allow your organization to track important customer information. This will enable you to better market your services and products to these customers.

Customer relationship management is the most effective way to maintain and develop customer relationships. It serves a business purpose and can create strong personal bonds between people. Such bonds propel businesses to new levels of success.

A comprehensive customer relationship management system allows you to target marketing efforts, shorten sales cycles and provide better customer service. Finally, a fully integrated CRM eliminates data silos, enabling cross-departmental collaboration and presenting customers with a unified front.

DevRev is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that seamlessly integrates customer support conversations and tickets with developer issues and product enhancements.

With LambdaTest and DevRev integration, you can quickly submit bugs while performing live interactive testing of your web applications from the LambdaTest platform to your DevRev instance and gain valuable insights into product issues. If you want to learn about this integration, you can follow our detailed documentation on how to integrate LambdaTest with DevRev.

What is DevRev?


DevRev is a software organization that brings together developers and customers in the era of product growth. The organization offers a CRM platform for developers that uses data, design and machine intelligence to empower them to build, support and grow their customer bases.

When most organizations have low Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and high customer churn rates, DevRev seeks to change the status quo of software development organizations by making them more customer-centric.

Why use DevRev to manage developer-customer relationships?

Businesses use customer relationship management systems to track and analyze customer data. The software collects information from various customers, integrates that data into a single database, and stores the information for future use.

DevRev is the organization behind the world’s first DevCRM system. They’ve brought the voice of the customer from the front office and connected it to your product on one side and real-time, social and work management on the other. This enables you to receive continuous customer feedback, improve products and services, and stay competitive in today’s market.

Unlike other CRM systems, DevRev is a revolutionary software that allows companies to combine customer service and product development.

Here are some of DevRev’s use cases that set it apart:

Product management.

DevRev helps you manage the features and capabilities associated with your product by making it easy to delegate work and understand the different components of your product. Within DevRev, you can also manage Trails products, features, and features.

Work management.

With DevRev, you can assign work to your team and track individual progress on issues. This is related to your product features and customer conversations managed in DevRev’s Vistas. These connections are managed within DevRev Vistas, a visual interface that makes it easy to manage complex parts of your project.


The DevRev platform has a feature called PluG that allows companies to embed the Conversations widget into their apps. When PluG is enabled, all customer conversations can be tracked in DevRev. Any conversation can be directly linked to a ticket, a release ticket, and later a part (capability).

LambdaTest integration with DevRev

By integrating LambdaTest with DevRev, you can submit errors from the LambdaTest platform when performing live interactive testing of your web applications to your DevRev instance, thus saving time and effort.

Additionally, LambdaTest enables automated browser testing on an online browser farm of 3000+ real browser and operating system combinations to achieve greater test coverage.

Integration with DevRev

When DevRev integrates with LambdaTest, you can access a comprehensive solution that combines in-app product support with a scalable and customizable ticketing platform that turns agents into customer engineers.

DevRev lets you visualize and connect the features and capabilities your customers use with the services they provide, build roadmaps that last, track customer interactions, and enrich your parts with system and user metrics.

To configure LambdaTest and DevRev integration, you need to configure your LambdaTest credentials (username and access key). You can get them from your LambdaTest profile.


LambdaTest is excited to announce its integration with DevRev, allowing you to take your business to the next level. Now that you’ve integrated DevRev into your CRM, you can automate routine CRM tasks, freeing you up to focus more on your most important work. We hope this new integration with DevRev will greatly benefit you while maximizing your productivity.

Try out our new DevRev integration and share your thoughts with the LambdaTest community. You can also contact us through our chat portal or by mail at

Happy testing! 😀

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