Neve 3.4 “Bran” – Customize all things.

In our continued quest to make your life easier, we’re here with a new update, the Neve 3.4 “Bran”. 🎉🎉🎉

This release improved the user experience and gave you more flexibility in creating your website by adding new customization controls.

We named this version after Bran Castle, known to international audiences as Dracula’s Castle. It is being marketed as a title character home Dracula By Bram Stoker. The villain is often confused with Vlad the Impaler, the Wallachian Prince.

First of all, we want to thank our product consultants who help us understand what is missing and what our users want. 🙏

Without further ado, let’s see what’s new Neve 3.4 “Bran!

Quick access to controls in the Customizer

Neve alone has over 200 customization controls added to the Customizer. Although they are well grouped, there may be times when you don’t know where to look for a particular setting. In Neve 3.4 “Tep,We introduced the Customizer search. All you need to do is click on the small one magnifying glass icon above the customization, enter the name of the control you want to change and click one of the results. It will take you directly to the section with that setting.

Relative scores for Customizer controls

In Neve 3.4 “Tep”, we introduced support for relative units for some of the Customizer controls. We decided not to add them everywhere, because using relative units for specific properties can lead to unexpected rendering behavior. However, this is a great addition and will make your life easier when building your website. In particular, em and: rem both are scale units that specify property values. They meet web accessibility standards and, in contrast px, a better scale. Therefore, they are more suitable for responsive design.

We’ve changed the behavior of comments to allow users of your site to see comments that have already been submitted after you’ve decided to disable the ability to add new comments. Do not worry. You can still prevent the entire comment section from showing by editing the post and disabling it from Neve’s meta sidebar.

A minor but notable feature is the addition of text padding controls menu icon component from the header builder. You will now be able to adjust the padding of the button, making it more roomy.

In this release, we’ve added more than 30 new customization options related to the design of main menu submenus. Container position, container background, element alignment, colors, spacing, and many other cool customizations are now available for submenus.

Submenu configuration

New advanced search component in header/footer creation

By default, the WordPress search engine is hard. The result will contain all the records that contain the words you searched for, no matter where they are. Advanced search components will give you control over search results. You can choose to search only in post titles, content or excerpts. exclude sticky notes; and even limit the search to specific record types.

Advanced search components

A better customized layout experience

As you know, custom layouts are a really powerful feature that allows you to add content to almost every page and even replace it with a custom template. It is compatible with block editor, Elementor and Beaver Builder. In Neve 3.4 “Tep”, we’ve improved the custom layout experience, making it easier to use and understand. Here’s what’s new for custom layouts:

Add a custom layout right from the site preview

Now you can add a custom layout directly from the frontend. Just click Show Hooks button from the admin bar and you choose where the custom layout will appear.

Custom layout site preview

Create a custom layout directly from the wizard pop-up window

We’ve added a wizard popup to give a visual representation (even in the admin side) of where the custom layout will appear. Just choose the type you like and start building it.

Custom layout wizard

Custom layout settings moved to sidebar

We’ve moved all customizations to the sidebar so they don’t take up space and distract you from designing your custom layout.

Custom layout settings

Additional filters for custom layouts

There are two new conditional filters for custom layouts: page parent and page parent.

  1. You can condition a custom layout to appear on a page if the parent of the page is a specific page.
  2. You can condition a custom layout to appear on a page if the page has a specific parent.

Two new template locations

Last but not least, there are two new template locations Search: and: Archives:. Now you can replace the entire search page or your blog archive page and make it from scratch.

The social media icons component has responsive customizations. You will now be able to adjust them based on the screen resolution.

New expert startup website. Finance blog

The new site leverages Neve’s most powerful features and builds on blog enhancements such as the Post Social Share module, dynamic advertiser exposure using Neve’s custom layouts, custom pages on individual posts, and much more.

In addition, we integrated a Visualizer (adding interactive charts to your blog posts) and a Limit Content plugin that allows you to dynamically display content based on a user’s role or membership level.

Fintech startup website

What else?

There have been quite a few updates since the previous major release. The most interesting thing is the launch Sparks for WooCommerce ✨. It has eight extreme performance features such as product comparisons, variation samples, wish list and more.

Staying in the WooCommerce realm, we acquired PPOM – Product Addons & Fields for WooCommerce.

It allows you to add additional custom fields and plugins to your product pages. Adding additional options such as sizes and colors is as simple as using drag-and-drop shape creation. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Eventually, Otter Pro: has a great addition – dynamic content. This feature is divided into three subcategories:

  • Dynamic values – dynamic values ​​can import information such as post type/title/time/section etc. It will automatically display them on your website.
  • Dynamic images – will import image related information such as featured image, author image, website logo and even images ACF:.
  • Dynamic links – associate page elements with dynamic data from your site’s database. You can set a dynamic link to get data from a post URL, website URL, featured image URL, and much more.

What’s next?

We are already working on introducing many other features. It’s been a few days since this release and the Neve theme developers are already discussing what to add in version 3.5. Please follow our Facebook group. We’ll be releasing our ideas for the next big release soon, and we’d love to hear your feedback. ✨:

that’s it. We hope you enjoy the new features Neve 3.4 “Tep”. Have a great week ahead!

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