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People love to watch, read and interact with quality content, especially video content. Whether it’s sports, news, TV shows or smartphone videos, people crave digital content. The emergence of OTT platforms has already shaped the way people consume content. Viewers can now enjoy their favorite shows whenever they want, rather than at pre-set times. So the concept of an OTT platform to watch anything, anytime, anywhere has struck the right chord.

According to a report by AlliedMarket Research, the global OTT market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 29.4% over the next decade to reach $1,039.03 billion by 2027. While it offers many advantages for digital viewers, the experimentation with OTT platforms is significant. challenge.

As OTT platforms are available on multiple devices, from smart TVs to mobile phones, it is critical to ensure that they deliver quality streaming and an excellent app, regardless of the device, location and network used to access it.

LambdaTest is pleased to announce its Smart TV automation test cloud to help you deliver a quality web experience through your OTT application. You can now perform OTT testing on a variety of real Smart TV devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, and even Apple TV.

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Why is OTT testing the need of the hour for businesses?

According to the report, the most popular video streaming devices are Smart TVs and mobile devices, with a 34% increase in viewing time on Smart TVs.


Thus, it becomes imperative for OTT players to test their Smart TV apps. Below are other factors why it is important to test your OTT-based applications.

  • For a usable and clean interface.
  • Consistent video delivery is vital to the end user experience. Also, it determines the effectiveness of your product.
  • Excellent playback speed to stream content without fuss.
  • The application must be compatible to work with different devices, browsers, OS and network conditions.
  • Avoid app performance issues like endless loading, crashes, etc.

How does LambdaTest help you with OTT testing?

Building an in-house OTT testing infrastructure can blow an organization’s budget, period. And if you manage to buy multiple smart devices and set them up, you still have to manage OS updates every now and then, which can take a significant amount of bandwidth from your IT or DevOps team.

What is the smarter way? LambdaTest, my friend!

With LambdaTest’s cloud-based Smart TV automation test, you can effortlessly test your OTT applications on a wide range of real Smart TV devices without having to worry about building or maintaining an internal test infrastructure.

You can use other features using LambdaTest’s Smart TV test cloud.

  • Native app automation using Appium for real Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku TV online.
  • Run your Smart TV automation tests in parallel and reduce test execution times by several times.
  • Debug your tests using LambdaTest Analytics and logs such as Appium, device, and network logs.
  • Built-in remote simulation capability to access the application remotely.
  • Geolocation and localization testing in 50+ countries.
  • Integrate your test suite with popular third-party project management tools for code-free automation, CI/CD, and more.

OTT testing is an increasingly popular solution for many small and medium-sized organizations looking to build their IP video service offerings. The burden lies in managing a large and expensive in-house laboratory. But not anymore, LambdaTest has got you covered.

LambdaTest also got you covered for app testing with its real device cloud, you can test apps on a plethora of real mobile devices for Android and iOS.

Ready to deliver amazing OTT experiences?

With LambdaTest’s continuous quality cloud, you can harness the true power of Smart TV automation and test your apps on the actual Smart TV OS across a range of OS versions. So try the Smart TV test today and let us know what you think. You can contact our 24*7 customer support center or mail us at
Happy OTT testing!

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