How to Root Realme 6 Pro

The Realme 6 Pro is a popular smartphone that offers impressive features and performance at an affordable price. However, some users may want to root their device to gain more control over its operating system and customize it according to their preferences. Rooting a device allows users to access the system files and make changes that are not typically allowed on a non-rooted device. In this article, we will guide you through the process of rooting the Realme 6 Pro, step by step.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is the process of gaining administrative access to a device’s operating system, allowing users to make changes and customize it beyond the limitations set by the manufacturer. By rooting your Realme 6 Pro, you can unlock the true potential of your device and enjoy additional features and functionalities that are not available on non-rooted devices.

Benefits of Rooting Realme 6 Pro

Rooting your Realme 6 Pro comes with several benefits, including:

  • Customization: Rooting allows you to customize your device’s appearance, install custom ROMs, and use various themes and icon packs.
  • Performance: By removing bloatware and optimizing the device’s performance, rooting can significantly enhance the speed and responsiveness of your Realme 6 Pro.
  • Battery Life: With root access, you can install battery-saving apps and tweaks that can help extend your device’s battery life.
  • Backup and Restore: Rooting allows you to create complete backups of your device’s data and system files, making it easier to restore your device in case of any issues or data loss.
  • Ad Blocking: Rooting enables you to block ads system-wide, providing a better browsing experience and saving data usage.

Before You Begin

Before you proceed with the rooting process, there are a few important things to consider:

  • Rooting your device will void its warranty. If your Realme 6 Pro is still under warranty, it is advisable to proceed with caution.
  • Ensure that your device is fully charged or has at least 70% battery life to avoid any interruptions during the rooting process.
  • Back up all your important data, as the rooting process may result in data loss.
  • Enable USB debugging on your Realme 6 Pro. To do this, go to Settings > About Phone > tap on Build Number seven times to enable Developer Options. Then, go to Settings > Developer Options > enable USB Debugging.
  • Install the necessary USB drivers for your Realme 6 Pro on your computer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Root Realme 6 Pro

Follow these steps carefully to root your Realme 6 Pro:

Step 1: Unlock the Bootloader

Before you can root your Realme 6 Pro, you need to unlock its bootloader. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the official Realme website and navigate to the Unlock Tool page.
  2. Download the Unlock Tool APK and install it on your Realme 6 Pro.
  3. Launch the Unlock Tool app and tap on “Start Applying”.
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions, and then tap on “Submit Application”.
  5. Wait for the approval SMS from Realme, which usually takes a few hours or days.
  6. Once you receive the approval SMS, open the Unlock Tool app and tap on “Start the in-depth test”.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the bootloader unlocking process. This will erase all data on your device, so make sure to back up your important files.

Step 2: Download and Install TWRP Recovery

TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is a custom recovery that allows you to flash custom ROMs and take complete backups of your device. Here’s how to install TWRP on your Realme 6 Pro:

  1. Download the TWRP recovery image for the Realme 6 Pro from the official TWRP website.
  2. Copy the downloaded recovery image to the ADB and Fastboot folder on your computer.
  3. Connect your Realme 6 Pro to your computer using a USB cable.
  4. Launch a command prompt or terminal window on your computer and navigate to the ADB and Fastboot folder.
  5. Enter the following command to boot your device into fastboot mode:

adb reboot bootloader

  1. Once your device is in fastboot mode, enter the following command to flash TWRP recovery:

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img (replace “twrp.img” with the actual filename of the TWRP recovery image)

  1. After the flashing process is complete, use the following command to reboot your device:

fastboot reboot

Step 3: Root Realme 6 Pro with Magisk

Magisk is a popular tool for rooting Android devices. Here’s how to root your Realme 6 Pro using Magisk:

  1. Download the latest Magisk ZIP file from the official Magisk GitHub repository and transfer it to your device’s internal storage.
  2. Power off your Realme 6 Pro and boot it into TWRP recovery mode. To do this, press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously until the device boots into recovery mode.
  3. In TWRP recovery, tap on “Install” and navigate to the location where you transferred the Magisk ZIP file.
  4. Select the Magisk ZIP file and swipe the “Swipe to Confirm Flash” button to flash Magisk and root your device.
  5. Once the flashing process is complete, tap on “Reboot System”.

Common FAQs

1. Is rooting legal?

Rooting is legal in most countries, including the United States. However, it may void the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

2. Will rooting my Realme 6 Pro void its warranty?

Yes, rooting your Realme 6 Pro will void its warranty. If your device is still under warranty, consider the implications before proceeding.

3. Can I unroot my Realme 6 Pro after rooting?

Yes, you can unroot your Realme 6 Pro by flashing the stock firmware or by using the unroot feature in Magisk Manager.

4. Will rooting my Realme 6 Pro improve its performance?

Rooting your Realme 6 Pro can improve its performance by allowing you to remove bloatware, optimize the device, and install custom ROMs.

5. Can I still receive OTA updates after rooting my Realme 6 Pro?

After rooting your Realme 6 Pro, OTA (Over-The-Air) updates may not be available. However, you can manually install updates by flashing the firmware using TWRP recovery.


Rooting your Realme 6 Pro can unlock a whole new world of customization and performance enhancements. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can safely root your device and enjoy the benefits of having full control over your Realme 6 Pro’s operating system. Remember to proceed with caution and always back up your data before performing any modifications to your device. Enjoy exploring the endless possibilities that rooting offers!

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