How to add it to your website?

Want to add infinite scrolling to WordPress?

Infinite scrolling ensures that your pages automatically load new content every time a visitor reaches the bottom of the page. This way, you can keep your visitors engaged and reduce bounce rates on your site.

💡 We’ll show you how to add infinite scroll to your wordpress website. But first, we’ll go over some basic things you need to know about it. The outline of this post is as follows:

Let’s begin.

With infinite scrolling, your site loads new content as the user scrolls down, rather than requiring them to manually click a link to open a new page.

A common example in WordPress would be to automatically load new posts on your blog page when a visitor reaches the bottom, rather than relying on other techniques such as pagination.

The technique is often used by social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to offer users a seamless browsing experience.

And the same technique can be used on websites to keep visitors engaged with them.

Need infinite scrolling on your site? Pros and cons

Despite the positive impact it can have on user engagement and browsing experience, infinite scrolling isn’t for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the 🔎 pros and cons to decide if you should apply the technique to your WordPress site.

👍 Benefits of infinite scrolling

The benefits of using infinite scrolling on your website are:

👎 Disadvantages of using infinite scrolling

The disadvantages of using infinite scrolling on your site are:

  • It could be confusing to navigate your site because the content is constantly changing and it’s hard to know which page you’re on.
  • Continuous display of content, especially text, can be oppressive for some visitors, and they may decide to leave your site and search for a competing site.
  • Your website signature will become redundant because the visitor can never reach it.
  • Fast scrolling can overwhelm your web servers, causing your site to crash freeze and crash.
  • Some tools can find it it is difficult to follow the standards per page because infinite scrolling can make your site one big page.
  • And if your site is viewed as one continuous page, it can have a negative impact on the site SEO and search ranking. Properly implemented infinite scrolling can avoid this, however, by giving each page its own unique URL.

These are the pros and cons of infinite scrolling on your website. After considering them, if you still want to add infinite scrolling to your WordPress site, then read on.

There are two different ways you can add infinite scrolling to your WordPress site.

  1. Use a WordPress theme that supports infinite scrolling
  2. Use an infinite scroll app

Let’s dive into each method and you can implement whatever works for you.

But before you start, make a backup of your entire website, because implementing infinite scrolling will require you to change your theme and install a new plugin on your site. Following these steps involves some risk and you may find your site broken due to one wrong step. A backup will be your safety net in such cases, so backup.

1. Add infinite scrolling using WordPress theme (Neve)

Neve is one of the few free of charge WordPress themes that offer infinite scrolling functionality. It’s an ideal solution if you want to enable infinite scrolling only on your blog listing page (or other archive pages).

Enabling infinite looping with Neve is very easy.

Install and activate theme on your WordPress site.

Then go Appearance → Customize → Layout → Blog / Archive.

Scroll down to Order and Content option and select Infinite Scroll under Post pagination.

Hit it Publish button to save your settings.

Enabling infinite scrolling using the Neve theme

However, if you want to enable infinite scrolling on your individual posts or pages, you need to use a plugin. That is, when someone opens a single full blog post page and scrolls down, you want your site to load another full post.

In the next two sections, we’ll show you how to use plugins to implement infinite scrolling. 👇

2. Use an infinite scrolling WordPress plugin

There are a number of plugins that will help you enable infinite scrolling on your website, but the most popular ones are:

  1. Catch the Infinite Scroll
  2. YITH Infinite scrolling
  3. Ajax Load More:

Let’s take a quick look at each app before we show you how to use them.

Catch the Infinite Scroll

Catch Infinite Scroll is a simple and free infinite scroll plugin that allows you to display your website content horizontally on a single page.

If you change the trigger to click instead of scroll, it will add a Load More button to your site.

Customization is possible and you can change the load image and color, font size and font family on the Load More button, among other things.

The free version allows you to enable infinite scrolling on your website. However, to change the color, font family, and font size, you need to get the premium version for $24.99 per year.

To use the free plugin, you only need install and activate the plugin on your website and you’re good to go.

Going Catch the Infinite Scroll In your WordPress dashboard, you can upload a new loading image and change the Load More text and the text that will appear when there is no more content to display.

enabling catch infinite scrolling
Grab the Infinite Scroll panel

YITH Infinite scrolling

YITH Infinite Scrolling is a free plugin and like the previous plugin, YITH Infinite Scrolling also offers options to choose your page type: infinite scroll or load more button.

You are allowed to change the Load More button text, add additional classes to the button, and even use animations (eg fade in, slide in) to load new content.

There are a number of preloaded images to choose from, as well as the option to upload your own.

Two of our favorite features are the option to enable or disable infinite scrolling on mobile devices and changing the page URL when new items are loaded (important for SEO)

With the free version of the app, you are only allowed to do two things.

  1. Upload a custom boot image.
  2. Enable infinite scrolling only on your post.

To enable infinite scrolling on all your archive pages and use all the features of the app, you need the premium version of the app, which costs $59.99 per year.

Using YITH Infinite Scrolling is quite easy. Simply install and activate free plugin on your site and it will give you unlimited scrolling on your posts.

You can navigate to: YITH → Infinite Scroll to customize the plugin configuration, but the default settings work fine.

enabling yith infinite scrolling
Panel of YITH Infinite Scroll

Ajax Load More:

Ajax Load More is a sophisticated plugin that allows you to enable infinite scrolling, along with options like AJAX filtering, repeating templates, shortcode generator, custom queries, and more.

Compared to previous plugins, Ajax Load More is a bit more complicated to configure. While you don’t need to be a developer to use it, beginners may want to stick to other plugins because you’ll need to deal with terms like “query parameters” and “repeat templates.”

However, the benefit of that added complexity is that you get a ton of options to configure and customize the infinite scrolling behavior of your site.

So if you want infinite scrolling for everything on your site, from posts to pages to comments and more, this might be a good option to look at.

Get started with WordPress infinite scrolling

Adding infinite scrolling to your WordPress site has many advantages as well as disadvantages. For example, it can improve your site’s bounce rate and ranking, but it can also negatively impact the user experience in some situations.

Infinite scrolling can be enabled on your site using the Neve theme or custom plugins like Catch Infinite Scroll and YITH Infinite Scrolling. Just make sure you have a backup as a safety net before using any method.

For more ways to improve your website 👉 check out our seven tips for improving user experience.

That’s it for this one. If you have any questions about how to add infinite scrolling to a WordPress site, let us know in the comments below.

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