How To Achieve Financial Freedom With Home Hacks

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What if you could live in your home while someone else pays the mortgage? That’s the idea behind home hacking.

Housebreaking refers to living in a house or apartment property while renting out part of it. Dedicated home hackers say it’s a great way to start a real estate empire that can lead you to financial freedom. But will it work for you?

That’s what we explore in this week’s podcast.

As always, host Stacey Johnson is joined by financial reporter Miranda Markwith. Listened to and occasionally contributed by producer Aaron Freeman. This week’s guest is Robert Leonard, author of The Everything Guide to House Hacking.

Remember, while we sometimes talk about specific investments in our podcasts, don’t take them as recommendations. Before you invest in anything or make any money moves, do your research and make your own decisions.

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What is housebreaking?

In this episode we talk about housebreaking and the different forms it takes. From buying a house and living in it to renovating it to buying an apartment building and living in it while your tenants pay the mortgage, there are many ways to get more out of your primary residence.

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Meet this week’s guest, Robert Leonard

Robert Leonard / Money Talks News

Robert Leonard is VP of Growth at The Investor’s Podcast Network, host of the Real Estate 101 and Millennial Investing podcasts, founder and managing partner of Piranha Capital, and founder of He holds an MBA in Accounting and Finance and a BSBA in Finance and Economics, and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

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About the hosts

Stacey Johnson founded Money Talks News in 1991. He is a CPA, and he also holds licenses in stocks, commodities, options, mutual funds, life insurance, securities supervisor, and real estate.

Miranda Markwith, MBA, is a financial expert, writer and speaker. He has been covering personal finance and investing topics for almost 20 years. When not writing and podcasting, she enjoys traveling, reading, and the outdoors.

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