The games are the essential thing to utilize your time because it is useful to develop your skills. Online many mobile games are available, but Homescapes is now days playing in the trend. In it, various kinds of missions and events are available which make the game fabulous. It is free to play on IOS and Android device, but some items are purchasable from real and virtual money. With the help of Facebook, you are able to send an invitation to your friends.

Information related to missions-

The missions are the essential part in the game. Lots of exciting and enjoyable missions are available. In tasks many unknown facts are available. If you want to know about those facts then today we will give you whole essential information about facts.

·       Way to get the stars-

Stars are playing an important role in to complete the missions. In other words, we can say that for completing the missions stars are must require. When you are in the match mode, then you are able to earn it. Each match or missions will give you one star but if you want more stars you can by using Homescapes Cheats 2020.

·       Tips for unlocking the areas-

In Homescapes all missions are divided into areas. When you complete the areas, then you are able to unlock the new areas. Each area will take 3-6 days to complete the one area. Each task requires 1-5 stars to complete it.

·       The path to change pet name-

In the game, you have a pet to complete the tasks. If you want to change your pet name, then go to the game settings. After that, you have an option to change the name then tap on it. Then two options are available in it. The first option name is changing you came and the second option is to change your cat name. Select the second option to change the pet name.

·       Earn the rewards-

The rewards are a way of happiness. When you complete the missions, then you will get the rewards. In the awards, lots of things are available like coins, live, resources and much more. You can also easily earn by the daily missions.